Nan Desu Kan

I Will Be At NDK 2012!

The countdown to Nan Desu Kan 2012 begins for me today! I’m so excited and have begun  planning what I will be doing  for NDK this year!

Right now I have a few ideas for panels that I am writing a proposal for, which is due in a week. One thing that can be guaranteed is that I will be running around taking pictures of cosplayers and panels. I intend to do a few photoshoots on top of my comprehensive coverage. I have been covering NDK every year since 2005 and I intend to be there again this year to continue that tradition. To find some of the older coverage that I have helped create, check out AnimeRoot to find a giant cache of photos, videos and posts about. I have done some amazing interviews that you can find at the Youtube Channel. I will be working with them again this year, but this will be my first year producing my own coverage for my own site. I look forward to seeing all of my friends there! Keep your eyes up in the atrium for our banner!

Will you be at NDK this year? I want to take your picture if you are in costume! Share below if you are going to be there!