The tax is not nearly this entertaining!

The NHK Tax

Something that we don’t have in the US is a strong national broadcasting system. The UK has the BBC, Japan has the NHK. We have PBS which runs entirely on donations. This is why it came as a shock to me when I heard about the mandatory NHK Tax.

Many who move to japan are often blindsided by a tax collector showing up at their door and expecting to be handed money, even if they don’t own a TV. While there are ways around this tax, mostly by telling them that you don’t watch their programming, it is expected that you pay this fee or face legal trouble. Here is a Reddit thread about this very subject. Inside, redditors give ideas and suggestions for people planning on moving or who already live there.

For more official information regarding the NHK tax, head over to the official NHK Page about said fee.

  • That happens in Japan?! Well, they would NOT like me in Japan! Wonder if I should just stay in London now!

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